Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Five Reasons to Redesign Your Logo

You are not the same company you used to be.

In times of economic change, businesses often find themselves going after markets outside their typical segments.  Keeping your vision and company values through these dynamic times is key, but the ability to note the differences in your markets and capitalize on them can separate the struggling small businesses from the ones who end up as industry leaders when the recession dust finally settles.  Look at what you've done differently in these past years to survive and make it a part of your company culture.  You are not the same company you started out as, and your primary branding tool should reflect that.

Your customers want to know that you and your brand are strong and relevant.
There is more to a logo than being eye-catching or trendy.  You need to communicate to clients that you keep yourself and your business in good working order.  Great service and marketing go a long way in establishing your reputation, but nothing says you are a healthy business like a subtle upgrade to your logo.  We’re not talking about a total make-over (which if done in poor taste could actually alienate your current markets), but a slight update, for a clean fresh look.  Think of it as a dapper new haircut for 2011, or the extra polish that will go a long way in the minds of your clients.

You want to be an industry leader, not a follower.
Keeping your company’s appearance current also means you are in the habit of looking beyond the horizon, and others in the industry will begin to appear dull in comparison with your firm.  Some may even follow suit and try to emulate your look, but fret not, businesses and clients alike know the difference between a 1st mover and a follower.  Allow your ambition to shine when it comes to your corporate identity, and you won't be stuck following the companies who are doing it already.

Looking fresh brings fresh business.
By refreshing your logo, you introduce yourself to new markets and stand to gain clients who may not have noticed you before.  Expanding your base of clients is sometimes as simple as shifting a hue or altering a custom font.  

You need to adapt to thrive.
Too many times, a small business's growth potential is stifled by the business owner's unwillingness to accept and embrace change.  Leave fear in the dust, and let 2011 be the year that you and your business resolve to achieve.  Allow yourself to truly thrive by adapting, leading, looking good, and bringing in new business with the New Year!

Best wishes to you all and Happy New Year!,
Bryce Watanabe

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