Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mobile Design!

Well it seems that the stars have aligned and have brought together two of my greatest passions: design, and mobile tech!  The good folks over at Autodesk have made a version of their popular drawing program Sketchbook for both Android and iOS (I-phone) operating systems.

Sketchbook Mobile has been the best .99 cents I've ever spent.  EVER.  I've been transformed into a middle-school geek all over again, and find myself doodling in creative ways that I haven't done since my face was covered in acne and my fingers were covered in pencil-blisters.  The thing is... I think my creativity has actually been catapulted beyond what I was capable of doodling during those awkward adolescent years, and the credit goes to the intuitive touch interface of this awesome app.

Touch, as we all know can be very stimulating.  Drawing and painting with your good 'ol pointer might seem strange at first, but you'll soon feel the instinctual spark of creativity flow from your finger-tips.  This rewarding experience is due to the fact that Autodesk has built one of the BEST touchscreen user interfaces I've seen - It allows you to get right into the drawing without hindering you with excessive menus or options.  Everything you need is here, and nothing more.  Opacity control? check.  Brush options?  check? Layer control and basic effects?  check and check.  The tutorial you are prompted to take the first time you start up the application is clear, and tells you everything you need to know to start sketching.

Check out some of the sketches my buddy and I have been messing around with, and then go download the app for your Android or I-phone ASAP.  You wont be disappointed.  The only problem is, all I can think about now is AWESOME Sketchbook Mobile would be on a shiny new tablet :)

Android Link

I-phone Link

Apps like Sketchbook Mobile could really change the workflow of designers from this point forward.  I know it has for me, and I will certainly be looking ahead to see what other benefits mobile-tech will have on the design world of tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Invite!

I recently had the pleasure of working with a very creative bride, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding projects I've done lately.  

Doing an invite right means understanding the vision of the wedding party.  After numerous conversations  about color, texture, and the atmosphere of the wedding, we decided on a modern, graphic-heavy look to match the retro-lounge atmosphere of the event.

The Bride-to-be decided on a textured pearl paper that gave the finished product a hi-lux look and feel.